“9 Poisonous Holiday Plants List”

Hello Folks! Merry Christmas and Good Cheer to You! 
I do hope this blog finds you all living harmoniously well! 
As the holidays quickly approach us, I wanted everyone to know which Holiday Plants are Poisonous to your pets, children, and you if ingested! 
Let’s all have a happy and safe holiday with our families and loved ones as we celebrate traditions we all hold dear at this time of year! Traditions in the celebration of the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, or as we light our menorahs in gratitude and remembrance that God will provide away, when celebrating the Festivals of Lights! (For Gods’ mercy and love endures forever!) 
Whatever celebration you hold dear this time of year, I want us all to be aware of these plants, so your family, pets and loved ones will remain safe during this Joyous Season of Caring, Sharing and Loving, as we as humans do! 
🔴Feel free to print this list to keep on your refrigerator for you and your holiday guest! 
🔴Feel free to print the list and send to your child’s school, and ask the teacher to read it during reading comprehension time and hold a discussion about poisonous holiday plants. This is a great way to educate small children! The children can then, educate their parents! 
🔴Share and post it to your favorite social media sites! 
My point here, is to make everyone aware of these poisonous holiday plants! I want to keep everyone safe and merry over the holiday season. 
Here’s to everyone having a happy, healthy, safe, holiday season; as we narrow down to the ending of this fabulously, beautiful year!  



1.  Mistletoe: Highly toxic, to children and pets. One or two berries will make you nauseous, but if you eat any more than that, including the leaves and stem, it could be fatal. Resulting in death!  Call the doctor immediately if this plant is eaten!  



2. Holly Plant: Highly toxic, to children and pets. The berries are the most toxic like any plant, but know that this entire plant; leaves and bark are too. If one to three berries have been eaten, count on a serious stomach ache! If a dozen or two have been eaten death could occur. Call the doctor immediately if eaten! 



3. Poinsettia: Mildly toxic, to children and pets. This can cause irritation to the skin around the mouth and in the stomach if eaten. It also may cause vomiting if too many berries, leaves or stems are eaten! Death will not normally occur, but do call the doctor to calm your nerves. 



4. Cyclamen: Highly toxic, to pets more than people.  If eaten it can cause nausea in the stomach, and vomiting! Which could lead to convulsions, and paralysis in the pets body. 



5. Jerusalem Cherry: Highly toxic, to mainly pets, than to children if the tomato like fruit is eaten! This berry is a huge deceiver because it looks and taste like a tomato! If eaten by a child it can cause nausea and vomiting, and normally is not life threatening. However, if eaten by a pet it is highly toxic and could be fatal! Call the Doctor immediately! 







6. Amaryllis and Daffodils: Highly toxic, to pets and children if the bulb is eaten. The leaves and flowers aren’t as toxic. Eating the bulb well results in abdominal pain, heart racing and convulsions. Do call the Doctor immediately if eaten!  



7. Christmas cactus:  Mildly toxic, to humans and dogs!. However, if this plant is ingested by a cat the plant can irritate a cat's digestive tract, leading to vomiting and diarrhea. Call your doctor if eaten to give your family peace of mind!



8. English Ivy: Highly toxic, to humans and their pets! Please know handling English Ivy can cause severe dermatitis, or skin inflammation, which may be accompanied by blisters. 


English Ivy is poisonous when consumed in large amounts and can be serious. These symptoms include a burning sensation in the digestive tract, difficulty in breathing, major stomach cramping, hallucinations, and seizures. Call the doctor immediately if eaten!  




9. Fir Christmas Tree: Not considered toxic. The Fir Tree is the most common tree brought into homes each Christmas Season and is decorated with lights, ornaments and candy canes! Even though the tree may be sappy and sticky it is normally not eaten by pets or a child, but if it were, it’s not considered to be toxic! However, Christmas trees do make for a great climbing device for cats! Other than that your tree is safe!


May God Bless You All with Safe and Happy Holiday Experiences! 



Tammy Mihalic 

at: www. peddlerstrunk.com 

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